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RE Progress Report
upto April -2020
Sl No RE Sources
Allotted Capacity in MW Commissioned Capacity in MW Cancelled Capacity in MW
1 Wind 18395.77 4819.34 8426.28
2 Hydro 3010.25 903.46 764.51
3 Co-gen 2177.65 1731.16 0.00
4 Biomass 391.18 139.03 0.00
5 Muncipal Solid Waste 51.00 0.00 0.00
6 Solar 9758.312 7299.186 402.00
  Total 33784.16 14892.18 9592.79
     LOA LIST - (SolarGrid)  
a) .LOA List of Solar Power Projects allotted under 150MW Capacity at Pavagada Solar Park
b-i) LOA list of Solar Power Projects allotted in Karnataka under 200 MW Capacity  talukwise Tender (allotted 100MW Capacity)
b-ii) LOA list of Solar Power Projects allotted in Karnataka under 100 MW Capacity MW talukwise Tender
c) LOA list of 640MW Talukwar Solar power projects of 860MW tender
d) LOA list of 550 MW Solar power project at Pavagada Solar power park of 1200 MW tender
e) LOA list of 500MW Solar Power project at Pavagada solar  park of remaining 650MW tender

Determination of Generic Tariff for wind Power Project for FY 2020-21 
Extension of Tariff Order 1st August 2019 for Solar Power Projects including Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic Projects for FY21  
Extension of Tariff Order dated 27th July 2019 for Waste to Energy Plants in the State of Karnataka  

Kind Attention Solar Developers under Captive/TPS/Private Park Category 
Essential operation of Renewable Electricity Generating Stations/Projects in the State dated: 17-04-2020  

Proceedings of off grid solar projects for captive use without wheeling and banking  
The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) invites Expression of Interest (EoI) from existing Building Owners for Feasibility Study of their Buildings for Converting them into Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB)  
                                To register your EOI, Please visit    http://forms.gle/rPnkox3wtXrDLgtF6    
Paper Notification: implementation of Ultra Mega Renewable Energy park in Koppal, Bidar, Gadag district.  

KREDL at a glance and achivements (as on August 2019)
      Karnataka is endowed with Renewable Energy potential like Wind, Hydro, Solar Energy resources etc.    
  Karnataka has about 86792 MW of estimated Renewable Energy (RE) potential, making it one of the country’s top five RE-rich states..

    Karnataka has an installed electricity generating capacity of about 33282.15 MW out of which 13942.37 MW is from RE sources.

    Karnataka is the No.1 State in India with 13942 MW in Cumulative Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy capacity.

    Karnataka is also the No.1 State in India in Solar Energy with 6407.98 MW Installed Capacity as on August 2019    
  During the Financial year 2016-17, it was targeted to achieve 425 MW Wind Power Projects but all time record addition of 882.30 MW was achieved. And 875MW was achieved during 2017-18. The target for the financial year 2019-20 is 250 MWs.

    KREDL on its own is installing Wind Power Projects of 12.6 MW in Belgavi and Ballary Districts.    
  Karnataka is developing a world largest Solar Park (concentrated solar generation) at Pavagada, a unique project in the world having 2000MW power generation in a single cluster of 13,000 acres of land obtained on an annual lease basis with the consent of farmers in Pavagada Taluk, Tumakuru District.

  Out of 2000MW total capacity, 1650 MW solar power projects have already been commissioned in Pavagada park.    
  SOLAR WATER PUMPS (SWP) FOR IRRIGATION PURPOSE: MNRE has sanctioned 9725 nos. of SWP systems for Irrigation purpose to the state. Under this sanction 5873 nos. SWP systems have been commissioned as on 31.08.2019. Balance is in progress.

  SOLAR ROOF TOP PROGRAMME: As per the Solar Policy 2014-21, Government of Karnataka initiated scheme of generating power from Solar roof top power plants on the buildings with Net and Gross Metering facility with a target of 400MW and ESCOMs are operating the scheme. At the end of August, 189 MW capacity has already been commissioned.

  The progress of other Solar Roof Top Programme achieved is as below
a) 601 no’s of Atalji Jana Snehi Kendras across the state have been provided with 2Kwp (Totally 120Kwp) Solar Roof Top plants with Battery back up to provide uninterrupted power supply.
b) In Mysore City 126kwp capacity Solar Roof Top plants have been commissioned on the Government Buildings and parks.

  Solar Lantern Programme: 29041 numbers of Solar LED Lanterns have been distributed through ESCOMs in remote hilly regions in Karnataka where electricity is not accessible.

  LED STREET LIGHTING SCHEME: 292 villages covered in five DISCOMs jurisdictions. 2,280Nos of 80W and 33,128nos of Nos. 18W LED streetlights are provided.

   PICO Watermills: Since 2007 with the financial support of MNRE, KREDL supported to install approximately 1400nos of PICO Watermills in the remote interior villages of coastal regions.

  KREDL has received various awards for its outstanding contribution in the field of Renewable Energy. Some of the awards are as below:  
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