1200 MW Pavagada Solar Park
1. RFP_1200 MW Pavagada solar park
2. Draft PPA_1200 MW Pavagada solar park
3. Modified LSAA
4. Modified ISAA
5. Pavagada Solar Park layout_31 Jan 20188
6. ANNEX-II_1200 MW Pavagada solar parkk
7. Pre-Bid Qurries ClarificationPre-Bid Qurries Clarification
8. LOA list of 550 MW Solar power project at Pavagada Solar power park of 1200 MW tender
8. Short term tender notification for 1200MW capacity Pavagada Solar Project RE-CALL
   8a. Request for Proposal (RFP) is invited from the power producing companies/ solar developers for the allotment of 1,200/-MW (50MW x24 blocks) Grid-Connected Group Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Projects to be carried out in Pavagada Solar Park in the state of Karnataka on ‘’Build-Own-Operate’’ basis under open category only for the procurement of solar power by the ESCOMs of Karnataka for a period of 25 years

Addendum - 1 (Reg-Extending scheduled commissioning date from 8 months to 10 months from the effective date)

Addendum - 2

Addendum - 3

9. Solar Radiation Data
9a. Solar radiation DPR
9b. Irradiation data -actual recorded
10. Charges payable by SPDs to KSPDCL for each block of 50MW
11. 1200MW RFP / PPA / ISA / Tender Addendum's
11a. Addendum 1
11b. Addendum 2
11c. Addendum 3
11d. Addendum 4
11e. Addendum 5
12. Solar Park
  a) Rev-4 Layout plan-pdff    
  b) Cordinatess
13. Pre Bid queries clarification
14. Presentation of Pavagada Solar power project during prebid meeting of 1200MW held on 8-2-2018
15. Tac committee proceedings of 1200MW pavagada Solar park tender (allotted 550MW)