Bidding Documents for development of 150 MW solar projects in Pavagada Solar Park
1. Addendum-1 to the Bidding Documents_09 Aug 2018
2. Clarification for Bidder Queries_09 Aug 2018
3. Short term tender notification for allotment of 150MW capacity Solar Power project at Pavagada Park
4. Draft PPA_150 MW Pavagada Solar Park
5. RFP_150 MW Pavagada solar park_KREDL
8. ANNEX-I_150 MW Pavagada solar park
9. Price Bid_150 MW Pavagada solar park_KREDL
10. Extension of bid submission of 150 MW capacity Solar Power project at Pavagada Park
11. Bank details of KREDL for 150MW(50MW * 3Blocks) Pavagada Solar Park tender
12. Addendum-2 to the bidding documents of 150 MW AC capacity (50 MW AC x 3 Blocks)
13. LOA List of Solar Power Projects allotted under 150MW Capacity at Pavagada Solar Park
13. Tac committee proceedings of 150MW capacity pavagada Solar park tender