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ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ನವೀಕರಿಸಬಹುದಾದ ಇಂಧನ ಅಭಿವೃಧ್ಧಿ ನಿಯಮಿತ
(A Government of Karnataka undertaking)

                                                                                     Karnataka Solar Power Development Corporation Limited
MNRE has proposed for development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar power projects to achieve development of One lakh MW of solar projects in the country.
Under this scheme for development of solar Parks in Karnataka, a JV company “M/s. Karnataka Solar Power Development Corporation Ltd (KSPDCL)” has been formed by KREDL and SECI. 11,000 acres of land has been identified at Pavagada Taluk in Tumkur District, Karnataka for this purpose.
In accordance with Gazette Notifications of GoK, KSPDCL is entering into Lease Agreements with the Land Owners for obtaining the required land of about 11000 acres for developing 2000MW solar park at Pavagada on annual lease rental basis.
KSPDCL, as a Solar Power Park Developer (SPPD) under MNRE guidelines vested for creating infrastructure like internal evacuation scheme, Layout Roads, Streetlights, Water, etc. for evacuating power generated from SPDs under plug and play model.
The solar park will be developed in 8 segments with a capacity of 250 MW each. One pooling substation of 220/66kV or 220/33kV is proposed for each 250MW segments for onward transmission of solar power. 250 MW segments is further subdivided into 5 blocks each having capacity of 50 MW. Each 50 MW block shall be connected to the solar park first at either 220/66kV or 220/33kV pooling substation through 66kV/33kV double circuit underground cables wherein the voltage will be stepped up to 220kV which will be further stepped up to 400kV at the proposed 400kV/220kV PGCIL station at solar park. Subsequently, the 400kV/220kV PGCIL station will be connected to 765kV/400kV PGCIL station located at Vasanthanarasapura in Tumkur and 400/220kV substation at Gooty in Andhra pradesh.
The entire Pavagada Solar Park has been divided into 40 blocks each of 50MW. The plot allocation in Pavagada Solar Park is as under:
Scheme Capacity in MW
NTPC under JNNSM   600
SECI under VGF 200
KREDL 1200
The LTA and Grid connectivity applications have been submitted by KSPDCL on behalf of SPDs to M/s. POWERGRID for according approval to evacuate the power generated at Solar Park to CTU grid. POWERGRID vide letters dated 11-04-2016 has granted LTA & Grid Connectivity approval to KSPDCL.
NTPC has finalized tender for establishing 600MW (500MW under Open and 100MW under DCR category) solar generation capacity in Pavagada Solar Park under JNNSM Scheme with the tariff discovered through reverse auction competitive bidding from the following bidders:
Name of the firm Capacity in MW
M/s. Yarrow Infrastructure Limited 50
M/s. Parampujya Solar Energy Pvt Ltd, 150
M/s. Fortum FinnSurya Energy Private Ltd, 100
M/s. ACME Rewari Solar Power Pvt Ltd, &
M/s. ACME Kurukshetra Solar Energy Pvt Ltd
M/s. ReNew Wind Energy (TN2) Pvt Ltd, 50
M/s. Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd 150
Out of above 600MW solar generation, 450MW has been commissioned during Dec 2017 and 150MW during Jan 2018.
DISCOMs of Karnataka are beneficiaries for 600MW JNNSM scheme and 1200MW from the balance capacity, which is yet to be commissioned by SPDs through KREDL.
Balance 200MW to be commissioned by SPDs through SECI from the 2000MW Pavagada solar park, the target beneficiaries will be from SR.
Entire 2000MW from Pavagada solar park will be connected to the grid by June 2019.
KSPDCL, as a Solar Power Park Developer has initiated the following infrastructure works through bidding process:
Particulars Contract awarded to
Establishing 4 Nos of 2x150 MVA, 220/66kV Sub-stations M/s. L&T LTD
Establishing 4 Nos of 4x80 MVA, 220/33kV Sub-stations M/s. Amararaja Power Systems Ltd
Establishing 2x8 MVA, 66/11kV Sub-station M/s. Viji Power Transformers Pvt Ltd
Construction of Roads for a length of 75kms
M/s. KMC Constructions Ltd
Providing Street lights along the roads and Auxiliary supply to the 220kV Stations M/s. Kumar Electricals
Shifting, dismantling and re-arranging of DTC, power lines and arranging power supply to IP sets passing through 2000 MW Pavagada Solar Park in Rayacherlu and Tirumani Villages on TTK basis. Sri. Bhagya Electricals
Carrying out shift duties for 220kV/66kV Sub-station and 66/11kV substation having 11KV reference located at Pavagada Solar Park , Pavagada, Tumkur District Sri. Manasa Enterprises
Hiring of Manpower Services on contract basis M/s. Yes 24 Guarding & Facility Solutions Pvt Ltd
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