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   Energy Conservation
Energy conservation Energy, a crucial & vital input for economic development, assumes critical importance for a developing country like India. The National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE), approved by the Union Cabinet in June 2010, falls under the domain of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The Energy Conservation (EC) Act 2001 which was responsible for setting up the BEE empowers it to put in place policies and regulations to improve Energy Efficiency (EE) in energy intensive industries. The overall goal of the Mission is to ensure that in the context of providing increasing energy to meet the demands of a growing population, EE is promoted using various approaches and incentives.

Considering universal energy access and energy security as one of the fundamental development goals for the country, Government of India (GoI) has undertaken a two pronged approach to cater to the energy demand of its citizens while ensuring minimum growth in carbon emissions. On the generation side, the Government is promoting greater use of renewable in the energy mix mainly through solar and wind power and shifting towards supercritical technologies for coal based power plants. On the demand side, efforts are being made to efficiently use energy through various innovative policy measures under the overall ambit of Energy Conservation Act.
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